Stephen Carlile and Amanda Jane Stern in Perfectly Good Moment

Phaedra To Black have shared the first trailer for Lauren Greenhall’s new erotic thriller, Perfectly Good Moment, starring Stephen Carlile and Amanda Jane Stern.

In Perfectly Good Moment, a romantic reunion unfurls into a psychological thriller after seemingly innocent Ruby returns to her much older ex-fiancé, David. Soon after the initial bliss wears off, David reverts to his old ways, quick to snap at her for the smallest perceived slight. After walking on eggshells around David for the last 8 years, Ruby has had enough. While David thinks his perfect life is back on track, Ruby has other plans.

The film marks the narrative feature debut for director Lauren Greenhall, a 2021 resident at the Jewish Film Institute for her documentary Zelda, a film also sponsored by the New York Foundation of the Arts. 

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Perfectly Good Moment stars Stephen Carlile, best known for his years-long portrayal of the villainous Scar in The Lion King on Broadway, and Amanda Jane Stern (1 Angry Black Man, Lifetime’s Amish Witches). Stern also wrote the script for this sci-fi revenge thriller. A New York City native, her writing has been described as “extremely compelling” and noted for its ability to “pose important questions to an audience.”

Stern co-wrote the story with producer Julian Seltzer (HBO’s DMX: Don’t Try to Understand, Discovery’s Rebuilding Hope: The Children of 911, and the upcoming House of Hammer for Discovery+).

“I hope that audiences come for the exciting revenge fantasy but leave with a new way to think about the under-discussed forms of manipulation in relationships,” said Greenhall. “I jumped at the opportunity to dissect this dynamic and explore a question that has plagued me for years: what happens when the things that make your relationship passionate and exciting are the same things that make it unbalanced and toxic?”

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