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Cobra Kai Season 5 is set to arrive in September, which will explore the fallout of the last All-Valley Tournament.

Cobra Kai Season 5 will see Johnny Lawrence and Karate Kid 2’s Chozen Toguchi team-up to battle Terry Silver.

It doesn’t feel like a minute since Cobra Kai first debuted on YouTube Red back in May, 2018. With the show’s fate uncertain at one point, thankfully, Netflix swept the leg of the competition and brought it home to their platform.

Season 5 is set to arrive in September, which will explore the fallout of the last All-Valley Tournament and Terry Silver’s plot to take over the Valley karate scene.

Karate Kid 2’s Chozen Toguchi returns in Cobra Kai Season 5

Following Cobra Kai’s win in the women’s division at the All-Valley Karate Tournament in Season 4, Terry Silver won’t stop at nothing to expand his operations. The Karate Kid 3 villain and Daniel LaRusso’s former Sensei has adopted a “philanthropist of the Valley” persona, but Silver isn’t fooling our heroes.

The fallout of Season 4 has hit hard too, as Johnny Lawrence moonlights as an Uber driver to get by, while LaRusso proclaims the doors of Miyagi-Do are shut for good.

Meanwhile, Miguel’s adventures in Mexico to find his father are yet to be revealed. However, fans will be glad to see Miguel and Robby Keene interacting once again, with a rather badass fight teased between the pair. Will an unlikely friendship triumph out of this? We’re eager to see.

Karate Kid 3’s Mike Barnes has yet to be shown, despite Netflix releasing an official look at the former Cobra Kai villain on social media. To scratch our itch for excitement, the trailer’s main highlight is undoubtedly the team-up between Johnny Lawrence and Chozen Toguchi.

The villain-turned-hero first reappeared in Season 3, teaching LaRusso valuable lessons about the past of Miyagi-Do. Now, Toguchi is back to aid LaRusso and Lawrence in their mission to rid the Valley of Cobra Kai once and for all.

Cobra Kai begins streaming on Netflix on September 9, 2022.

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